Wash basin cabinet with drawers – a practical solution for the bathroom

wash basin cabinet with drawers a practical solution for the bathroom - Wash basin cabinet with drawers - a practical solution for the bathroom

A bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, and there is always a lack of space. A practical washbasin cabinet with drawers will help us to solve this problem.

Cosmetics, cleaning products, toiletries – where can you put all of this in such a small space at your disposal? Bathroom in a standard apartment occupies an average of about 5 m2. A good layout of this small space is a key issue in the design of our accommodation. With the help of clever furniture, this will allow us to store the necessary accessories while taking up as little space as possible. A washbasin cabinet with drawers meets all these requirements.

Advantages of drawer cabinets

  • The comfort of use -Convenience, especially in a small room, is very important. When you stand by the sink, you can easily open the drawer and reach for the item you need. The classic cabinet with a door usually located under the washbasin requires that you have bend down. You also seldom find the things that you really need. It is difficult to find and reach for them. Special mechanisms such as the tip-on system that support the opening of the drawers can also be used to make it easier to open them. Just press the front of the furniture lightly to open the drawer. The door tilts to a comfortable position so that the user can see the entire interior of the cabinet while retaining plenty of freedom of movement. In order to close the door, it is enough to press the front slightly. There is no need to install brackets in such cabinets. You should also consider opening and closing the drawers slowly to prevent accidental finger pinching. This patent works particularly well in a house with small children.
  • Easy to clean – Extendable drawers are easy to clean and are also easy to access. These types of drawers are less susceptible to dirt. You can easily reach for cleaning products or cosmetic packages from the top without the risk of overturning the adjacent packaging or liquid bottles. A cabinet with drawers is usually a suspended model so you can easily clean the floor underneath with a mop or vacuum cleaner.
  • Functional storage – The drawers are also easy to access. You can also easily organize your items inside. Some of them have internal scales and dividers for easy storage. All containers and baskets where you can place cosmetics, hairdryer, shaver, or hygienic products without the risk of overturning and mixing will also work well in the “orderly” role.

Manufacturers offer many versions of practical basin cabinets with drawers. In small bathrooms, compact models with two drawers with a width of 50-60 cm are ideal. If you have more space available, you can choose at least four drawers with a width of 80-120 cm. The design of such cabinets are quite modern, and you can choose from many color versions – from classic white MDF board to lacquered fronts in vivid colors, to wood-like veneers.
We have selected some interesting models worth recommending.


  • The Classic CLKD Furnimeble Collection is a stylish bathroom cabinet with wooden veneer. In this series, you can find washbasin cabinets with 1 to 6 drawers. All models are equipped with a hydraulic silent closing system. The hinges and guides are made of nickel-plated steel, and the ergonomic handles are made of durable zinc-aluminum alloy. Fronts made of the laminated board are available in oak, elm and wenge colors.


  • Sicily collection is a simple and functional sink cabinet with two drawers. They are usually distinguished by their rich coloring. The fronts and casing are available in deep graphite, vivid red, juicy lime, and even sea blue. Furniture is equipped with guides with closing slower, level-adjustable hangers and two-point chrome-plated handles.


  • The lacquered cabinet collection Ethos has a Systembox drawer system that’s easy to install and adjust. The hydraulic silent closing mechanism ensures that the drawers close silently. Robust nickel-plated hinges and metal hangers guarantee the safety of use and load capacity up to 65 kg. Ethos standing or hanging cabinets are available in many versions – from 50 cm to 120 cm wide.

A washbasin cabinet with drawers will work in any bathroom. Especially in small rooms where smart use of every available space counts.


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