Twin room – proven space-saving tricks

twin room proven space saving tricks 1 - Twin room - proven space-saving tricks

A room for siblings does not have to be boring and cluttered, even if it is not too big. Thanks to ingenious but stylish tricks, it is easy to turn it into a fantastic, cozy space regardless of the age of its inhabitants.

Toddler safety

When furnishing a room for toddlers, whether twins or siblings with a small age difference, it is worth taking into account not only functionality but also safety. Children have different ideas, and two small heads are a double risk. First of all, avoid furniture that your child can climb up and down on. In the case of small children, it is better to give up bunk beds, mezzanines, or low chests of drawers, which can be easily accessed. Furniture can also be attached to the wall to prevent it from falling over.

Low wooden beds or high mattresses on the floor are particularly suitable. Beds with rungs should be removed so that children can enter and leave freely. For larger models, it would be a good idea to attach a protective board so that the child does not fall asleep. A large wardrobe is perfect for their clothes because it will accommodate the clothes of both children. With two little ones, it’s hard to keep things tidy. Wheeled boxes are the perfect solution in tidying the room because children can easily slide them into the middle of the room and spill out their stuff in them while playing. They also have the advantage that they do not need to be placed on shelves. Just put them back in the container and put them back in place.

If the room is small and you are afraid that there will be no room for a table or bigger toys, use the space under the bed. You can hide bigger toy cars or a basket of blocks there. As toddlers do most things together, the bigger the table is, the more daylight should be shining on it. It is good to place crayon containers or drawing blocks on it.


Older children’s oasis

For older children, especially twins, bunk beds are perfect. Some have a climbing ladder and a slide to get back to the floor. It is a good solution if one of the children prefers to sleep on the lower bunk. If you want to sleep only on the top, you can use the mezzanine floors, e.g., beds on the ceiling. An additional advantage is a large space underneath, which can be used for wardrobes or desks.


A proven space-saving trick is to create thematic locations. If children need two desks, let’s put them close together near the bookshelves. It’s the same with the play corner. They will work out mainly chests of drawers with pull-out baskets or open shelves, on which we will put larger toys. Children can take things off the shelves themselves and put them back there again. Twins usually want to have everything similar or in the same style – take advantage of it. It is easier to put two identical beds or two similar chairs in a room. Similarly, when decorating and especially when choosing the color of walls or wallpapers.

Different visions of peace

It can happen, however, that children are completely different, have different tastes, and imagine the decor of the room differently. Such situations usually occur when twins are of different sexes. You don’t have to look for a compromise here and paint a room in the middle of the colors of their choice. In this case, it is best to divide even the smallest room into two separate corners. One of them will be for the boy, the other for the girl.

If the room is very small, paint shorter walls in darker colors and longer walls in lighter ones. In this way, the room will optically lengthen. When children are supposed to use one desk, choose chairs in colour to suit their tastes. Do the same with bedding and even with toy containers. To save space, use stylish hanging shelves. Your daughter can place her dolls or figurines there, while your som can place his toy cars or a collection of toy planes.

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