Trends 2019 – curtains in the living room – to the ground or to the windowsill?

trends 2019 curtains in the living room to the ground or to the windowsill - Trends 2019 - curtains in the living room - to the ground or to the windowsill?

Curtains were once indispensable in any home. It used to add intimacy and optical warmth. Over the past few years, they’ve been forgotten, and they are now slowly returning to grace. They are usually made in accordance with the current fashion. They also look elegant, modern and can also protect the house from the eyes of the neighbors and shady passersby.

In modern houses and flats with large glazed areas, it is important to think about the right window arrangement. If your living room is not cozy or you want a quick change without spending on expensive furniture, hang beautiful curtains. Ideal choices will be those that provide the household with the greatest access to natural light. If you think that they’re out of fashion and their presence is a bad taste, then you’ve got it all wrong!

This season they’re back in style again, and as long as you decide on simple, minimalist patterns and cuts, you can’t really go wrong! This way, you can forget about excessive decorations and applications. Only the decoration of the window designed with simplicity and taste will be in line with the latest trends.

The most fashionable patterns and colors

Until recently, Scandinavian style prevailed in interior design, i.e., austere and minimalist arrangements with roller blinds, curtains, and blinds. The windows are also often left empty. The trending interior design, for now, is the theme that prevails in New York apartments, decorated with a little more fantasy and some splendor.

They can be white, blue, powder pink or yellow curtains or those usually with a uniform color range. They can be made of batiste, thin cotton, veil, linen or semi-transparent jacquard. They can sometimes be decorated with delicate stripes. They can be straight and evenly arranged, creating tailor-made screens which look perfect if you choose curtains with lead. They can also be richly wrinkled and sometimes fastened with decorative weeds or ribbons. Although they are long and abundant, they do not overwhelm and do not look too hard. That’s because they’re light, airy and transparent. According to trends for 2018, lace, plaster, and frills are considered old-fashioned and are also abandoned. Modern window decorations are designed to complement the decor and emphasize its style discreetly.

Fashionable length and cuts

trends 2019 curtains in the living room to the ground or to the windowsill 1 - Trends 2019 - curtains in the living room - to the ground or to the windowsill?

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  • Sticks lamp
  • metal rack
  • tier chair
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  • pink carpet


According to the interior designers, the widest and longest curtains are the most suitable for larger windows, e.g., terrace windows. For smaller ones, the better ones will be simpler and shorter. If, however, you care about the interior in line with current trends, you should hang a curtain in the living room that reaches the floor. You can buy a ready-made curtain or sew them yourself from the appropriate material from a wide range of market offer.

Wondering what the most fashionable style is? One of the most commonly used is curtain-type panels. They look neat and elegant. They also don’t crumple or slip. They are ideal for both large and small windows. In addition, there are versions cut into wide stripes and narrow strings. These curtains-macarons are ideal for large terrace windows and in they also look stylish and original in most interiors. They are also available in the ombre version (shaded colors) or covered with shimmering crystals or beads.

You can hang them traditionally in the window so that they cover the window sill. You can also put them inside the room so that they form a semi-transparent wall-separating space. You can fasten them with a special buckle if you like.

Only curtains matching the colors of furniture and walls will be a decoration of the living room. With the right choice, your house will gain a cozy and fashionable character. In addition, they will provide natural protection against cold and wind in winter and against the sun’s rays in summer. For the best results, you need to choose appropriate curtain rails. Nice and fashionable curtains will decorate the house not only from the inside but also from the outside. Passersby will surely admire elegant window decorations that beautifully harmonize with the architecture of the home.

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