Surprising signs of you sleeping on the wrong mattress

surprising signs of you sleeping on the wrong mattress - Surprising signs of you sleeping on the wrong mattress

During sleep, our body regenerates such mental and physical forces recharge. The spine, muscles, and joints are also relaxed. One should make sure that their sleep is also healthy. One factor that affects this is the mattress that we sleep on along with other things. What are the unusual symptoms that indicate you’ve chosen the wrong mattress? Read it here.

Why is it so important that the mattress is well adapted to the needs of the body? Well, we spend most of the day sitting or standing. Here, the spinal fluid flows out of the spine. It is only during bedtime that the level of fluid in the intervertebral space can recharge. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to have the right conditions for proper, healthy sleep. If you sleep on a mattress that does not suit your spine, this fluid cannot fill the cells. The effect? The nutrients during sleep will not regenerate properly, and you will get up in the morning sore and tired.

Strange symptoms of sleeping on the wrong mattress

1) One of the unusual symptoms that may signal the fact that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress is rhinitis. If you wake up with this condition, you should consider changing the mattress. This was proven a fact in multiple scientific research. German specialists had found that people who started sleeping on anti-allergic mattresses have almost completely eliminated the problem of clogged noses when they woke up. This condition has been reduced by 43%. The survey was conducted in 2010.


2) The second surprising symptom of sleeping on the wrong mattress is weakening of the sexual drive. It turns out that dreams have a big impact on sex life. A decrease in libido can be the result of fatigue caused by the poor quality of night-time sleep. In this situation, it is best to change the mattress to a foam model. The second reason could be because the air temperature is too high in the bedroom. It is therefore advisable to ventilate the room before going to bed or to screw the radiator on during the heating season.


3) The third example of sleeping on a bad mattress is not sleeping. This is despite the fact that the rest recommended for adults is 8 hours or even more. If you get up in the morning tired, you have to think about changing your mattress. It can contribute to chronic fatigue, which is manifested by headache, muscle, and joint pain, as well as malaise.

4) The fourth unusual symptom signaling the need to change the mattress to a new one is skin problems. An uncomfortable substrate causes sleep to lose its quality. The consequence is an increase in the level of cortisol (or the stress hormone) in the body. It causes skin problems on the surface of the face. It becomes less elastic, and wrinkles may appear. The skin can also look dull.

Which mattress to choose?

The mattress must not be too soft or too hard. In the first case, the spine will not be relieved and will eventually bend into a bow. The result is tension in the thoracic and lumbar segments. As a result of sleeping on a hard mattress, you may have to deal with ailments in the upper and lower part of the back. If they occur frequently and over a long period of time, they can lead to spinal defects.
It’s also good to know that too much hardness of the mattress causes uneven support of individual parts of the body. This will eventually result in pressure, which will hinder the free flow of blood. This is related to the pain and numbness in the legs.


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