Small kitchen tables – the 5 most interesting models

small kitchen tables the 5 most interesting models 1 - Small kitchen tables - the 5 most interesting models

Eating aromatic scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning, unhurriedly drinking afternoon coffee, or maybe endless honest conversations – all this is best experienced in the kitchen, specifically at the kitchen table. If the space for each kitchen is well organized, even a small kitchen will be able to fit a table. Here are 5 interesting models of small kitchen tables.

Kitchen table – what to choose?

If the kitchen is a small room, then the choice will certainly be limited. Fortunately, there are many models and unconventional solutions available today. A kitchen table does not have to be a traditional table in the literal sense of the word. It can be top-mounted to the wall which can be folded up after a finished meal.

A small kitchen table can be a folding table with one side lowered. This means that kitchen space is only taken up when the table is in use, and then it can be folded down to reclaim space automatically.

In apartments with a kitchenette connected to the living room, the kitchen table is usually a room table at the same time. An interesting solution is also a kitchen island where you can add bar chairs. This solution is extremely functional since the island is a worktop, a place to store kitchen accessories as well as a table.

Scandinavian style kitchen table

Scandinavian style is constantly in fashion as it offers minimalist and functional solutions. The small Scandinavian-style kitchen table has a worktop with a size of approximately 80 x 80 cm. That’s enough for two people to eat breakfast comfortably. It will even leave space for a table to fit into a small kitchen. The colors are sure to blend in well with both white and brown kitchen furniture.

The table can be matched with various types of chairs – white, brown, black, or graphite. It will look great with wire-colored chairs as well as traditional chairs with padded seats.

An interesting combination of colors and simple form makes the table free from setting. It looks very interesting in its basic version even without a tablecloth. However, the most important thing for a small kitchen is compactness.

Foldable table-top for the kitchen

Foldable table-tops for the kitchen is the ideal solution for those in a block of flats. You can choose between counter-tops in different lengths and widths. It is not possible to have a feast with it, but it is possible to have a meal for two people.

A folding table is a solution dedicated to the smallest kitchen when there is little space, and even the smallest standing table will not fit. After a finished meal, the top folds down and stands out from the wall a little over 5 cm from the top. It is a convenient, functional solution showing that you can arrange even a small space in an interesting way.

Table with glass tabletop

This is a very interesting model for all those who are looking for unconventional solutions. Who says you can’t have a glass table in the kitchen?

Some models have had not only a worktop but also under-table shelves. These don’t only serve as a decorative element, and it can also store small items, such as newspapers, documents, or books. The legs of the glass tables are usually made of wood or aluminum.
Brown or white chairs, or a combination of white and wood will fit perfectly with the theme.
This is an appropriate table for all those who like unusual furniture with an interesting design.

Little round table

Round tables from a few years ago are back in favor, and it doesn’t look like the season is over for them. In small kitchens and kitchens with unusual shapes, it can be an ideal piece of furniture. It fits easily into the available space. Some models of round tables can be purchased immediately with the chairs matching the set.

Small square table with chairs

It is also possible to place four chairs at the small table. They will work well even at a square table with dimensions of about 80 x 80 cm.
Tops of square tables can be made of wood, MDF or even glass. Your choice can depend on the kitchen décor.
As you can see from the above examples, finding a compact table for a small kitchen is not only possible, but you can also freely choose between patterns and design.


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