Red Accents on the Christmas Table

red accents on the christmas table - Red Accents on the Christmas Table

Christmas is inseparably associated with red. This warm and joyful color perfectly matches the delicate white of snow. If you are looking for an idea to decorate your Christmas table, you can successfully bet on red.

Strong, multicolored Christmas ornaments were out of fashion some time ago. If you like to surround yourself with elegant objects and decorate your home in a minimalist style, then you can also reach for harmonious and stylish decorations on Christmas Day.

First of all, choose a leading color – white, silver, gold, navy blue, or classic red? One, maximum of two colors should accompany any Christmas decorations that appear in your home. This way, you will avoid chaos and achieve a stylish effect from which it will be difficult to take your eyes off.

Tablecloths and Treads

Textiles play an important role in Christmas decorations. It’s around the table that the Christmas story is finally happening. While the Christmas table should necessarily have a smooth, white tablecloth, on the first and second day of Christmas, you can bet on an elegant red.

Smooth tablecloth in burgundy color, gently broken only with beige piping is a universal option. You will successfully use it not only for Christmas but also for other occasions requiring an elegant setting.
Red tablecloth with Christmas print? Why not?! Get yourself such a copy or give it to a loved one. Snowflakes, snowmen, elves, reindeer, and Christmas trees – every one of them is perfect for Christmas coffee meetings.

A decorative thread with openwork stars? Use it in two ways – place it in the middle of a table and place a classic white tablecloth underneath (the contrast between white and red is already a classic species of tablecloth, and if you add fresh Christmas tree twigs, your guests will be amazed by it) or spread it on a smaller coffee table.

  • Red Christmas tablecloth
  • Red tablecloth with trimming
  • Red star tread
  • Red snowflake tablecloth

Candles, Candlesticks, Lanterns

Decorative candles are an obligatory element of every Christmas table. Of course, you can reach for ordinary white candles and put them on a simple candlestick, but wouldn’t that be too banal? Red candlestick with fancy arms will be great not only on the Christmas table. Set on a window sill or dresser will add a festive glow to the apartment.

A simple red lantern with subtle snowflakes? A great idea if there are children in the house! The shielded flame will look magical and won’t burn your little hands. Such a lantern is extremely versatile – it will become a fantastic decoration of a Christmas table, and after supper, you will be able to place it on a balcony or terrace to bring a Christmas atmosphere.
Are you looking for an elegant candle for a Christmas reed? A shiny ball sprinkled with glitter is a real masterpiece. In time, you can exchange it for a snowman-shaped candle – every child’s face will glow when you see it.
A scented candle on the Christmas table? Why not? Yankee Candles are candles that conquer the hearts of women and men all over the world. Packed in an elegant jar with a lid, they look chic wherever they are. Choose one of the Christmas fragrances from the collection and enjoy the aroma of Christmas whenever you feel like it.

  • Red lantern
  • Red candlestick
  • Yankee Candle Candle Christmas Magic
  • Red candle bullet
  • Snowman candle

Headpieces and Arrangements

Christmas is inseparably associated with the smell of the forest. If you want to create a festive atmosphere in your living room, put a few branches with needles on the table and decorate them with red bows, small bombs, or dried slices of orange. If you do not have time or feel insecure in manual work, you can successfully decide to buy a ready-made Christmas composition.

On the long table, narrow but richly ornamented reeds will look great. Decorated with red cylindrical candles, decorated with pine branches, Bethlehem star, and artificial snow, the dining room will create a festive atmosphere.

Place a Christmas wreath on a round table. Made of live or artificial twigs, decorated with cinnamon bark, cones, and bombs, it will look great against the background of a white tablecloth. It is mandatory to insert an elegant red candle in the middle. After supper, you will be able to hang such a wreath on the front door of the apartment and take it off only after the end of the holiday season.

If you arrange Christmas Eve in a small apartment and have only a compact table at your disposal, which will not fit either a large wreath or even more impressive composition, it does not mean that you have to resign from decorating it. Reach for miniature reeds and place a few pieces in the middle of the table or directly at the guest plates. They will become a nice accent among the white of classic porcelain.

  • Composition with red candles
  • Christmas wreath red
  • Christmas dress red

Red accents on the Christmas table are always a great idea. Such decorations are not only stylish but also universal. You don’t have to worry about the fact that changing trends in the next season will impose a new fashion. Red Christmas decorations will always be included in the price. Elegant reeds, stylish lanterns, decorative candles, good quality tablecloth – you will successfully use them during the next Christmas.

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