Practical solutions: the folding dining table

practical solutions the folding dining table - Practical solutions: the folding dining table

The fold-out table is a practical piece of furniture that can be used in any home. On a daily basis, it will save space to create a comfortable dining area for a large family from Christmas and throughout the entire year.

The dining room is a special space in every house – it’s where family and friends meet to spend time, exchange views, or just have fun. Here is how to arrange this room. The basic equipment of the dining room is, of course, the table – small in a cramped flat and slightly larger if in a detached house.

Continuously fashionable and popular are also folding models which allow you to enlarge the tabletop for additional feasts. How to arrange a modern interior while focusing on a folding table? See two elegant proposals and find your way to a beautiful dining room.

Folding table – square

A compact, square table is a great option for small flat owners. If you don’t have room for a separate dining room, you can easily put it in the kitchen. In modern interiors, a common solution is to combine a kitchen with a living room where a square table will work perfectly. Foldable tabletops will quickly turn it into a bigger table for special occasions like birthday or holidays.

In everyday living, the dining set will be more stylish with rattan chairs. Their modern form will perfectly match the Scandinavian minimalist style. It would be a good idea to find a locker for a pair of folding chairs or handy stools that can be used in case of guests’ visits.

Wooden chest of drawers is a perfect solution for tight interiors – slender, wooden legs will add lightness and taste to it. Use it to store tableware, tablecloths, or books.

Don’t forget to choose the right lighting. You can opt for metal floor lamps with adjustable arms. It is definitely a practical solution that will allow you to adjust the light intensity to your current needs or hang low above the table lamp with a stylish lampshade.

A fur carpet is also a great addition that will warm up the interior. Instead of a uniformly-colored model, choose the one with an interesting geometric pattern or the charming flowers. This will make the interior look cozy and atmospheric.

practical solutions the folding dining table 1 - Practical solutions: the folding dining table

  • Wooden stool
  • Rattan chair
  • A carpet of flowers
  • Metal floor plank
  • Wooden chest of drawers on legs
  • Square folding table

Folding table – oval

Folding table – oval

Ova-shaped tables with folding table top are a classic of the genre. Choose this model if you are arranging a comfortable dining room in a large apartment or a single-family house. Remember to choose a model made of natural wood. This is a durable material that will allow for many years of use and, if necessary, can be easily renewed.

Choose a set of the same or different chairs for the table. Those with a bucket seat upholstered in stylish velvet are not only beautiful but also very comfortable. Make sure you think about an extra seat for guests – instead of folding chairs (not always comfortable) choose a soft, upholstered bench that you use every day as an extra seat in the hallway or bedroom.

White chest of drawers with bent legs will be useful in any dining room. You can conveniently store porcelain, a spare set of cutlery, family memorabilia or documents in it. Place the frames with family photos on the tabletop so the interior won’t feel anonymous.

Also appreciate the role of lighting – instead of one central lamp opt for spotlights, delicate wall lamps, table lamp or floor lamp. You can use them to fill your dining room with warm, soft light, which is the basis of hygge.

  • Oval folding table
  • White chest of drawers on legs
  • Gray wall lamp with lampshade
  • Upholstered chair
  • Upholstered bench

A house without a folding table? It’s hard to imagine, but like the Italians, we like to meet at meals together. If your home lacks a comfortable table at which each of the household members would find their place, then choose a model that matches your interior.

Remember that an oval or round table is better suited for large, spacious rooms. If you have a small block of flats, place a smaller square table with a folding wing. Choose modern or classic chairs – made of colorful plastic, upholstered with velour upholstery or maybe traditional wooden. A wide range of manufacturers will surely help you find something to suit not only your taste but also the needs of your family.

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