Natural stone in the bathroom – which works best?

natural stone in the bathroom which works best - Natural stone in the bathroom - which works best?

Natural stone is a material often used in bathroom arrangements. It’s mainly because it’s not only durable but also elegant and timeless. Marble, grass, granite – which one will be the best choice?

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you should be guided not only by the latest trends but also by the durability and quality of the materials you plan to use. The bathroom is quite a problematic room because of the fact that there is high humidity in it. If you want to use natural stone, you need to carefully analyze all its advantages and disadvantages in order to make it last as long as possible.


Marble was already used in construction in ancient times! Today it introduces a bit of luxury and modernity into the interior. If you want to finish your bathroom in an original way – marble is a hit! Each marble has a unique pattern, and this is what makes it such a valued rock. It looks great when combined with a large mirror on the wall which optically enlarges the room, and with golden inserts.

Unfortunately, marble also has its drawbacks. The greatest of these is durability. Marbles differ not only in appearance but also in stiffness. They are not suitable for frequent use rooms such as corridors since they can easily be destroyed by friction shoes. It looks a little better in the bathroom, but if you want to use this stone, you would rather opt for marble walls.

In addition to being susceptible to scratches, the floor will be very slippery if not properly protected. This can be dangerous, especially for children. Remember that marble is quite a delicate stone so you must use suitable (less corrosive) cleaning agents to clean it.
Appearance is the biggest advantage of marble but before you buy, think carefully about what kind to choose and where to put it. This may just be the key to aesthetic success.



Gravity is another natural stone that will give any bathroom an exclusive look straight from the palace. You can choose from shades ranging from light beige to brown. Warm colors will make the room feel cozier. This material is so stylish and elegant that any decorative accessories in the bathroom will be completely unnecessary.

Is it a perfect stone? Not entirely… Inadequately prepared trawlers are not resistant to acids and alkalies, which can quickly destroy them. That’s why it’s recommended to fill them with resin and polish them (preferably with gloss, not matte).

Travertine is an even less durable material than marble. It should not be placed on surfaces that are heavily exposed to water. A wall made of grass next to a bathtub or sink will not be the best idea unless you take care of it.



Granite is a dream come true for people who are looking for a durable and elegant natural stone for their bathroom interior. Not only is it the strongest and most durable, but it also requires practically no varnishing! You can use it to cover walls that are susceptible to getting wet or better yet – get yourself a granite worktop or sink! If you dream of underfloor heating, granite tiles will be the way around them.

When it comes to granite, you have a lot of shades to choose from – from beige to brown, grey, and black. Granite also varies in size and pattern. In order to make it last as long as possible, you need to use the right products to care for it. Apart from specialized products, dishwashing liquid is also a great choice. If you notice stains from water damage, you can remove them with alcohol.

Remember that natural stone looks best in a large room. In a small bathroom, it can be overwhelming. To arrange your bathroom, you can choose any type of natural stone. However, you need to remember that proper varnishing is important. It should also be free from water damage and moisture. When choosing detergents, pay attention not only to the type of stone but also to its color. Well-varnished and stones that are cared for will serve you for a very long time!

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