Modern bath mixers

modern bath mixers - Modern bath mixers

Are you looking for an original, modern bath mixer? We invite you to have a short overview of the models available on the market. With all the varieties out there, there is definitely plenty to choose from. Designers simply can’t run out of ideas when it comes to the designs, while the producers continue to decide on their prices.

Two cocks, a tap, and a metal hose ended with a shower – this is how a classic bath mixer used to look like in the past. Modern mixers often do not resemble traditional solutions. Although its design remains the same, the differences in materials, design, and technology are altered.
Freestanding faucets or waterfall type are just some of the exclusive accessories that allow us to give our bathroom an unusual character.


Bath mixer is a device that is installed on or near the bathtub to provide hot and cold water and showers. The mixer can be mounted directly on the bathtub, on the wall, or placed close to the bathtub. This has been a very popular solution in recent years, especially for free-standing bathtubs. As you may have already noticed, the standards of the bathroom and mixer design change depending on the size of the bathroom room, the taste of the owner, and above all – the homeowner’s budget. If you have a lot of cash at your disposal, you can afford to put up real bathroom wonders.

In retro style

The retro bath mixer is a tempting suggestion for those who like vintage and all kinds of old things. Ordinary batteries can be purchased for up to 35 USD, but more exclusive models cost at least several hundred USD. The Royal Retro Gold battery is available for about 150 USD. It can be mounted on the wall, and it has a body made of brass covered with copper. Its batteries are galvanized several times. The hose – also in the color of old gold – is equipped with a handset with an extended water jet. The whole looks very stylish and harmonious.

Black standing shower mixer that’s made of brass and painted black is also a very interesting model. In addition to the hand shower, it has a large, round rain shower, and costs almost 300 USD. Patinated standing battery made of brass in the color of old gold (some people call it an ancient bronze) with a ceramic cartridge costs 350 USD. There are also faucets described by the manufacturers as modern in retro style. Although it sounds strange, it is a model made using the most modern technology. However, it is stylized based on older models.


modern bath mixers 1 - Modern bath mixers

Recently, cascade faucets have been very popular, i.e., those from which water does not flow out in a narrow stream but freely falls down in the form of a waterfall or cascade. The most popular are faucets with simple, geometric, and minimalist shapes that match modern interiors. You can buy a Modena cascade mixer for as little as 70USD, but a Hansgrohe bath mixer with cascade from a renowned manufacturer costs almost 900 USD. The set consists of a concealed thermostatic mixer, hand shower with handle and hose. Flexible nozzles on the handset make it easy to remove limescale.

However, you can buy another set from this manufacturer at a slightly lower price, i.e., for about 500 USD. For about 400 USD, you can buy a similar concealed set with a cascade. All listed faucets are characterized by beautiful modern design and high-quality technology.



Freestanding faucets are a relatively new invention associated with the growing popularity of unenclosed bathtubs. Some of them are vintage-style models that refer to traditional, old-fashioned bathtubs on legs. Others are very modern with simple, geometric shapes. You can also choose the faucet that best suits your bathroom. The average price of a stand-alone mixer is approx. 350 USD, although Veldmann’s beautiful, stylish bath mixers cost almost 450 USD.

It has a body made of brass that’s covered several times with chromium coating and enameled coating in white. This technique guarantees a high gloss that protects against tarnishing and corrosion.

You must also take note that regardless of the beautiful design, bathtub mixers from a higher shelf are characterized by high-quality workmanship. The use of the most modern technologies guarantees the durability of the device and incredible comfort of use. So maybe it’s worthwhile to have a little luxury sometimes.


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