Living room arrangement with an industrial-style kitchenette

living room arrangement with an industrial style kitchenette - Living room arrangement with an industrial-style kitchenette

Industrial style is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends in interior design. We can see this in offices, big apartments, restaurants, bars as well as apartments. Curious as to how to recreate your version of industrial style? Here is how to arrange a living room with a kitchenette in this unique style.

What is industrial style?

This was born as one of the most brilliant inventions and solutions that were created in a time of need. More specifically, the need to develop old abandoned factories in the United States, which grew like mushrooms after the rain in the Art Nouveau period. Elements like stone, concrete, glass, and metal were the dominant materials in the industrial style. Open spaces are also a characteristic feature. Apartments that adopt this style often combine the living room with a kitchen or hall with living room. What counts is the space that the industrial style values very much. If you think that the interiors decorated in this style are cold and uncomfortable, you are mistaken. It all depends on the right arrangement. Here is how to do it!

Industrial background

Is the living room connected to the kitchenette in your apartment? If that’s a resounding yes, then that’s great – you already have the perfect conditions to create industrial reality, of course in a cozier version. Instead of regular walls covered with one-color paint, opt for natural building materials for the walls. Open them up instead of covering them. You can build any wall with red brick tiles. This is currently the most desirable industrial design element. There are even brick imitation wallpapers available for sale, but we advise you to choose 3D wallpapers that give a surprisingly good effect in apartments.

Do not cover the pipes, because they are largely responsible for the industrial character of the interior. When creating space for furniture, lighting or decoration, minimize color. Choose colors such as black, white, and gray and never let yourself be persuaded that they are boring colors. This is not the case if they are part of an industrial style. If you want to insulate the interior, don’t forget about red bricks and wood – that’s all you need.

Appropriate lighting

Lighting is a very important element of industrial style room design. It should be modern and with character. One of the popular suggestions for these is headlamps. These are usually standing lamps, so it is better to put them in the living room in a visible place, especially if they are very impressive in design. Loft-style hanging lamps will also do the trick – these must be placed above the worktop in the kitchenette.


You can also symbolically connect the living room with the kitchenette by means of modern lamps – light bulbs on strings. Depending on your preference, industrial-style lamps can give you warm or cool light. Warm light will be perfect if you want to add a bit of coziness to your industrial rooms. Other trendy suggestions are trendy are geometric lamps and galaxy style lamps.


Tailor-made furniture

Kitchen furniture should be simple. Place your bet on metal and hide the fridge, stove, and cabinets behind the metal enclosures. A wooden worktop should be the main and most important element of your kitchen decor. This is an incredibly practical solution. You can cut products and serve dishes on it. You can also stock up on high bar stools to be sure that the kitchen will be the main meeting place in your home.


The living room, on the other hand, can be warmed up with leather furniture. The black leather couch will be the perfect solution. Another matching piece of equipment could be a grey corner, where you can carelessly scatter beautiful grey blankets.


There’s also a glass table and a huge wall clock, preferably reminiscent of the clock in old factories or train stations. The WOW effect is guaranteed.
When arranging a living room with an industrial-style kitchenette, remember to combine these two rooms to let them form a whole. It can do this by means of the effect of brick walls, colors, and accessories. It all depends on your creativity.


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