If You Don’t Like Ordinary Chairs – Opt for Form and Colour!

if you don t like ordinary chairs opt for form and colour - If You Don't Like Ordinary Chairs - Opt for Form and Colour!

Although simple wooden chairs are classics that will work in any interior, regardless of their style, they can be boring. Fortunately, we’re not condemned to it. Colorful seats in original forms are available.

A chair can’t be missing in any house. Even if we don’t have a real dining room, the right seats must be there. Designers attach great importance to their design. Everyone dreams of creating a model that will become widely recognizable and become a symbol, such as Verner Panton’s Panton Chair or Philippe Starck’s Ghost. Contrary to appearances, this piece of furniture is difficult to design. It has to withstand the pressure and be ergonomic. Moreover, every designer has the ambition to include the element of originality, which is the most difficult, as evidenced by the offers of many stores full of almost identical chairs, which look as if reflected from one form. Fortunately, you can find many interesting models that will change every interior.

We Want to be Modern

  • Transparent chair
  • Mesh chair
  • Plastic chair
  • Bucket chair
  • Red chair

(Photo: LaForma, Kartell, SCAB Design, Kartell, Vitra)
The chairs can be matched to the interior on the basis of complement or contrast. They can fit into the style of the whole interior or stand out from it. Not only is their relationship with the room important, but also with the table, which is their closest company. If you want an interesting visual effect, do not buy furniture from one set – this is the easiest way to get bored. It is better to choose models in a different style than the table. It is worth to consider these in a modern spirit. Plastic chairs are one of the options. This group of materials gives designers a wide range of possibilities because they are very plastic. Their seats can have fancy backrests and colors. They can be tinted in bulk so that the red or other shades of the chair do not lose their intensity of color. Plastic can also be transparent. A piece of furniture made of such material will look modern and extremely light as if it wasn’t there. They are recommended for small interiors, as are openwork chairs. Most often, they are made of plastic or metal. However, an additional cushion is required to ensure full seating comfort. More comfortable, for sure, are the so-called bucket chairs. The name suggests the shape of a seat with armrests. They are often upholstered and comfortable.

With a Hint of Nostalgia

  • Metal industrial chair
  • Bentwood chair
  • Rattan chair
  • Patchwork chair
  • Vintage chair

(Photos: Tolix, Thonet, Essential Home, Pro-living, HK Living)
If you are looking for interesting chairs, but are not a fan of modern design, you can turn to vintage style furniture. The fashion of past design comes back, and seats inspired by art déco, for example, are easily accessible. But be careful with the literal. A set of chairs in the Louis XVI style may not be suitable for the present day. It is better to choose models inspired only by the old ones. An interesting proposition is those with modern forms and patchwork upholstery, which fits in with retro. They look remarkable and at the same time quite universal. Metal chairs with raw forms will fit into the interior in a lofty or industrial spirit. These arrangements of apartments began to appear in the 1930s, and their appearance is still astounding. Vintage lovers will also appreciate the bentwood chairs we know from Parisian cafes. Though simple in expression, they set the tone for any space. Bamboo or rattan seats are a perfect choice for fans of exotic climates. Thanks to them, the holiday atmosphere will be at home all year round.


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