How to clean and maintain a wooden floor?

how to clean and maintain a wooden floor - How to clean and maintain a wooden floor?

A wooden floor is synonymous with beauty and elegance. Although wood is a durable raw material, you need to pay a lot of attention to it to maintain its impeccable appearance for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your natural floor.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of floor finish. The choice of the right detergent depends on whether it is protected by lacquer, oil, or wax. The second issue is the planned method of stain removal – home-made or professional chemicals. The third question to be answered is “What to do in order to maintain the effect for a long time?

Parquet lacquered

The lacquered floor has a thin protective layer designed to increase the floor’s resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage, and moisture penetration. The basic activity that you need to do is to thoroughly remove all solid impurities like sand, dust, crumbs. These seemingly small and harmless particles are the biggest enemy of paint and lead to its abrasion. Always use a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment or a mop with a special pad to get rid of them from the floor. It is important not to damage the protective coating. You should also remember that a wooden floor does not like excess water. So when you start washing, do it with a damp, but not wet cloth. However, it is best to use special detergents that not only remove micro-dirt and stains but also refreshes and adds shine to the floor without the need for additional polishing.

Oiled floor

Oil is an extremely popular finish on a wooden floor. This emphasizes the unusual texture of natural raw material and easily hides minor damage caused during everyday use. The basics here are the same as for lacquered parquet. The most important thing is regular vacuuming and a minimum amount of water. For maintenance and protection, you can successfully use an oil-based preparation or special soap for thorough cleaning. Thanks to its water-softening properties, it can perfectly remove dirt from oiled floors, making it difficult for dust and other particles to stick to them. Periodically renew the floor with special care oil. Remember also that every product should be applied in small quantities.


Waxed flooring

Wax coating offers the greatest possible finishing options – you can choose between a matt, semi-matt, or high-gloss surface. Hard wax oil not only protects and extracts the wood from its extraordinary depth; but also provides ideal protection against moisture, stains, and dirt. Floorcare begins with thorough removal of sand and dust particles which act on the wax layer like sandpaper. Afterward, all you need is a suitable cleaning and renovation product that removes difficult stains, preserves the waxed floor, restores the wax layer, and restores its impeccable appearance.

To sum up, it is always worth knowing the preparations recommended by the manufacturer of the flooring used and carefully read its recommendations. You would also need to get the right accessories. Oils, pastes or soaps, soft cloths, and moderation when using water are your best allies. This will help your wooden floor to last for years and not lose its shine. It will certainly be a beautiful interior design element.

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