Dining room furniture – what to choose?

dining room furniture what to choose - Dining room furniture - what to choose?

The dining room is a very important space in every home. In some cases, it is a separate room, while in others it’s an area arranged between the kitchen and the living room. It’s always great to keep the family’s meal and meeting place arranged in a thoughtful way!

Dining room furniture should primarily be functional. Comfort during meals is an overarching issue that affects the atmosphere during the time spent together. However, the style and appearance of the individual elements are also important. The dining room furniture should look like a harmonious part of the whole apartment.

The table and chairs – the ideal dining room

The choice of the right dining room furniture will be determined primarily by the size of the room in which you want to furnish it. Homeowners who have spacious, large interiors can put a round table in the center of the area. However, one should also remember that this type of furniture can’t stand too close to the walls. So when everyone sits, they can easily get up from their chairs.

In smaller dining rooms, rectangular or square tables will work well. These are very attractive and practical. A useful feature to have with your table is a folding and unfolding capability. This makes for easy installation and storage while also being a great space saver.

An elongated, elliptical table is a compromise between the two solutions. It combines elegant, round shapes, as well as the ability to enlarge and reduce its size.

Chairs are another essential element of the dining room scene. It is a general fact that to ensure comfort while eating; the table width should be approx 60 cm per seating position. It is also a good tip to have spaces between the chairs and a rear clearance behind it. A great solution for large families is to combine a rectangular table and put long benches on both sides. This provides a friendly atmosphere and saves space.


Dining room style – what to choose? Trends 2019

The choices when it comes to dining room furniture is very diverse. They are produced in all styles, so you can definitely find a set that matches your preferences and taste. In 2017 the modern style became fashionable, up until now it has been reigning the trends for several seasons now. There is no shortage of high gloss tops, metal, and glass. An interesting concept is the use of transparent elements, which are particularly used mostly on chairs made of plastic. They add lightness and multi-dimensional effect to the interior.

As opposed to modern trends, you will find classic and traditional designs. This season, designers like to use whitewashed, aged boards, which ensure the elegant and original character of the entire room. You will also notice a large exposure to ecological design. Wood in its raw, imperfect form is very popular. Such solutions guarantee a cozy atmosphere and a warm feeling of communion with nature.


Decorative elements must also be taken into account when decorating the dining room. Paintings on walls are a good choice, especially in places where there is a need to diversify the decor. Lighting is also important. Some prefer atmospheric twilight, while others prefer a strong light that highlights the entire surface of the table. A lamp suspended from the ceiling is also a great visual treat. You can also get a lamp that lets you turn on the sidelight only for a more dramatic effect.

Decorating a dining room can seem like a difficult job. However, consulting the rest of the family about the matter is helpful to the decorating process. Start by measuring the room accurately, determining the number of occupants, and then choosing the shape of the table and chair. Take the latest furniture trends into your consideration, and maybe you can get some inspiration!


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