Destructible kitchen worktop – what to choose?

destructible kitchen worktop what to choose 2 - Destructible kitchen worktop - what to choose?

Are you wondering what kind of kitchen worktop is both impressive and durable? The wide variety of worktops make it hard to choose.; but no worries, because we’re here to help you make the right decision.

Many people prefer functionality over aesthetics. When it comes to kitchen worktops, it is worth choosing one that’s resistant to mechanical damage, high temperature, humidity and one that’s easy to clean. However, you will also want a worktop that will emphasize the beauty of your kitchen. Indeed, the variety of worktops in the market gives you limitless choices; but it’s best to choose a tabletop that is both impressive and durable.

Wooden top

The hardest Polish wood types are ash and oak, but these are quite expensive. You can choose worktops made from cheaper wood such as beech, walnut, birch, pine or acacia. Exotic wood, like teak, merbau, rosewood, and bamboo are also used in the production of kitchen worktops. Their prices are higher, but worktops made from these materials are hard and resistant to moisture.

Wooden worktops are extremely graceful and are very easy to match with the kitchen interior. However, it needs to be taken care of properly to last for years. Initially, the worktop should be protected with food-grade oils or varnishes. It’s best to reapply the varnish every year. If done properly, the worktop will be resistant to damage. If you use food-grade oil, the worktop will be less resistant to stains, which makes the varnished variant a much better option. If you’re consistent with varnishing your worktop, you will have a damage and stain resistant product that will last for years.

Laminated top

Can imitate different materials like wood or stone. These are also cheaper than the worktops made of the actual materials. This is mainly the reason why they’re so popular. The top surface can be matte, glossy or semi-matte. Laminate can easily be achieved by the use of machines. This type or worktops are resistant to high temperatures and stains. However, they are not very resistant to damage. They are easily scratched and any similar damages are irreversible. If you decide to use this type of worktop, always remember to use a cutting board.

Stone top

The most durable material for a kitchen top is stone. It is also impressive, but quite expensive and heavy. So it’s not easy for every household to have one. You can choose from the different types of stones – like granite, marble, sandstone, porphyry, basalt, travertine. The assortment gives homeowners the freedom to choose their stone tops according to their preferences.

Stone worktops are resistant to high temperatures and are usually solid hard. Most stone stops (especially granite) are also resistant to scratches and cuts. Polished versions are very easy to clean; while brushed varieties, like matte, emphasize the classic character of the rest of the interior. If you want to increase the worktop’s resistance to scratches, the stone surface should be treated with an appropriate polish.

Conglomerate top

Is a material made of stone aggregate and epoxy resin. It resembles a natural stone with the same level of durability. The conglomerate countertop is significantly cheaper than stone. It will also be resistant to stains, heat, moisture, scratches and chemical-based cleaners.

Composite top

Is another material that resembles natural stone in appearance and durability. This material is a mixture of acrylic, minerals, and pigments. A composite top is hard and resistant to high temperatures, stains, chemicals and mechanical damage similar to stone. However, composite tops are much lighter and can be a bit more expensive.

The most durable worktops will be those made of natural stone, conglomerate or composite – it is worth investing in these types if you are looking for a worktop that will last for years. However, their price can be discouraging. If you can’t afford it at the moment, don’t fret! Wooden or laminate worktops will look equally great in kitchens, and if properly maintained and used, they won’t need a replacement for a really long time.

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