Cable Cover – Ideas for Furniture Settings, Protectors, Skirting Boards

cable cover ideas for furniture settings protectors skirting boards - Cable Cover - Ideas for Furniture Settings, Protectors, Skirting Boards

Cables are the nightmare of most homes with electronic equipment. Television, modem, or desktop computer are just some of the devices we use strips and splitters for. Fortunately, with cable covers and proven tricks, you can hide them.

Setting Up Furniture and Accessories

One practical way is to set up furniture and accessories properly. Cables that need to be pulled from one end of the room to the other can be easily hidden behind a wall unit or corner unit. If possible, leave only the extension cord. This is important not only for the convenience but also for the safety and necessity to switch off the skirting board immediately in case of failure.
It is best to release the extension cords behind furniture that can be easily moved away (e.g., a chest of drawers). It’s a good idea to secure the cable gently so that it doesn’t protrude or tangle, especially if there are a few. It is best to place the furniture with RTV on the wall, where there are cables or sockets. In this way, most of them will not need to be decomposed further.
Also, the accessories can nicely mask the wiring in the room. A large standing clock, a vase, a long figurine with a cat or a decorative lantern are just some of the ideas that add charm to a room. It is important, however, to carefully select the decorations. Avoid flammable objects, especially paper ones.

Skirting boards with cable compartment

Comfortable and cheap – that’s what skirting boards with grooves are for storing cables. In the case of narrower cables, even a few can be accommodated. Some skirting boards also have hooks that allow you to attach the cable along with them so that it is firmly pressed against the wall. The skirting boards are available in many colors, so you can easily adjust the skirting boards to the floor in such a way that they are not too noticeable. They allow easy access to the cables thanks to the pull-out cover. They will work well in houses where there are children and animals. Rodents and rabbits like to bite cables, which is a threat to their lives and may cause a short circuit, and consequently lead to a fire.

Masking Tubes for Cables and Decorative Strips

cable cover ideas for furniture settings protectors skirting boards 1 - Cable Cover - Ideas for Furniture Settings, Protectors, Skirting Boards

  • Grille

Another solution is to use tubes into which cables are inserted. They are very durable; they resist the animals biting them and the children trying to get to them. They are suitable not only for the floor but also for vertical cable routing (e.g., on walls). Another option is the very popular wall slats. They are most often purchased for masking cables for wall-hung TVs. The bottom part of the skirting board is fixed to the wall, after which the cables can be hidden. The upper part is pushed in such a way that it covers them, just like the fastenings.

Corridor and Walls

If we are in the process of renovation and want to hide the cables without strips, a good way is to make a gutter in the wall, which can be covered with, e.g., a decorative insert or plasterboard. Another way is to create a wall in which the center of all cables is located and from which individual strips can be routed. We can also hide the cables under the floor or put them in the wall during the renovation.

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