Bathroom accessories in copper colour

bathroom accessories in copper colour - Bathroom accessories in copper colour

Copper accessories (made of actual copper or is only colored copper) make the interior more elegant and luxurious. Objects in this color can be placed not only in the bedroom and living room but also in the bathroom. Find out what’s worth paying attention to by reading below.

How do I incorporate copper into the interior?

Copper accessories will work well in modern, minimalist and industrial interiors. Why? Because they provide warmth to raw rooms, but they can also be placed in spaces decorated in Scandinavian or rustic style. When you decide to add them to the interior, remember to use moderation. It is best to choose one or a maximum of several copper elements for a given room.
The advantage of copper is its antibacterial properties. So it is going to work perfectly in bathrooms and kitchens in the form of faucets, pots, and dishes a decor. This metal is also aging nicely. New decorations and equipment are gold, glossy, and with time, their color changes and become brown.

Bathroom accessories – copper lamp

A variety of copper-colored lamps can make you dizzy, and choosing is made more difficult. If you own a minimalist bathroom, pay attention to the model without lampshade, for example, available on Amazon at 35 USD Gaspare from Sollux Lighting. The offered product is made of powder-coated steel.

As recommended by the manufacturer, this design lamp is addressed to lovers of simplicity, stylish solutions, and high-quality products. You can match it with a decorative light bulb like the one inspired by Edison’s design. A lamp like that will not only illuminate the interior well enough but will also be a unique decorative element.

Bathroom accessories – a copper soap dispenser

Copper can appear in the bathroom as a soap dispenser since this is one of the basic elements of the room equipment. On Amazon you can find a variant made of abs (plastic) but looks like copper steel. It is not toxic and is highly resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

Moreover, the soap dispenser made of this material is resistant to harmful external factors. The important thing is that it is light, so if it falls on the bathroom tiles, it will not cause any damage or sustain any damage. The cost of purchasing a copper liquid soap dispenser is about 12 USD.

Bathroom accessories – copper bath mixer

bathroom accessories in copper colour 1 - Bathroom accessories in copper colour

The hit in interior design is shower headsets, showerheads, bathroom, and kitchen mixers in copper color. They can be easily integrated into a room decorated according to the modern, industrial, or vintage style. They are a very impressive piece of equipment. On Amazon, you can find bath mixers in the color of brushed copper.

A copy of the Romantik series of the renowned Italian company IB Ibrubinetterie (with over twenty years of experience in the production of exclusive bathroom accessories) is a surface-mounted faucet. It is equipped with a lever that regulates the water jet and has an original finish. It is distinguished by its soft and wavy shapes.

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