Balcony safe for the child

balcony safe for the child - Balcony safe for the child

What if you were enlarged your apartment with a comfortable, safe balcony where your child could play safely? There are several reliable ways to do this, so if you have a cute little munchkin at home, why not try?!

Making a balcony that provides a safe playground for the child is a challenge to be met by parents and guardians. Good thing there are various types of mats or structures that can be purchased from the market. We have prepared a review of these products recommended by parents who have already tested their effectiveness. Before that, you may want to read the next paragraph as it’s concerned with your child’s stay in their “play area” or balcony.

Safety rules

First of all, remember that under no circumstances should you leave your child alone on the balcony for a long period of time. Remember that children can be extremely creative and curious if they are given enough time. They can also cope and over time, learn to overcome any obstacle. Do not place any elements at the railing that would help the child to climb over it. It will certainly be a bad idea to have widely spaced pots that are supposed to act as a fence.

Under no circumstances should you or any household members leave stools, armchairs, or tables within reach of the toddler. Once the protective covers have been fitted, check once in a while that they are in good condition and correct the clamps if necessary.


Meshes are quite easy to install, and their advantage is that you can use them without obstructing the view. On the contrary, those who want to hide the balcony from prying eyes can purchase nets that limit visibility. They are attached to clips or cable ties which are interlaced with meshes. This type of screen is often used as a child safety device. However, its primary function is usually to protect an area against wind and sun. It should be noted that it can easily break and tear under pressure and will certainly be a better shield from bad weather than from the weight of a naughty and curious child. With this solution, you may still want to add other forms of balcony blockade. Locking the door on a key or a chain will give you the certainty that the child will not be able to open it and will not come out to test the strength of the net without your attention.


Protective mats

A better solution for child safety is to use bamboo or rattan mat. These materials are more rigid and durable. The mats also have the advantage over nets because they look nice and protects from the sun and wind more effectively. They are usually fastened to wire bindings or cable ties which will not unhook easily. Wooden elements can be connected with screws or nails. Bamboo is recommended as a sustainable solution for those who care about the environment.
Smart parents are also very proud of the techno-rattan mats. They have special mounting eyes and a very thick weave which prevents the child from stretching the fabric.


Balcony body

The greatest security for your child is provided by the balcony body. The most commonly used is heat-resistant, tempered-glass, or aluminum. You may need to know that this system consists of joining individual elements. If it is installed too loose, the windows will make noise under wind pressure, especially if you live on higher floors. A good solution is to use a frameless system that creates a uniform surface. If installed properly, it will serve you for years. It can even expand the area by another room where you can easily place small-size objects. The advantage of such a solution is that it warms the apartment and protects it against noise from the outside. This is the most expensive investment, but it is a long-term one.

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