Artificial plants at home – create a stunning composition

artificial plants at home create a stunning composition - Artificial plants at home - create a stunning composition

The symbol of kitsch has returned to the grace of interior designers recently. Artificial flowers do not get sick, do not bloom, and don’t demand premium care. These factors make them an ideal element to decorate any room!

Artificial flowers today are nothing like those that exhibited in the 1980s. They almost resembled natural, living specimens that are hard to keep in good condition. Learn how to add variety to your decor using these beautiful compositions!

Artificial plants – a way to make a stunning decoration all year round!

It would seem that the fashion for artificial plants will never come back. Surprisingly, we are becoming more and more willing to reach for a solution that allows us to enjoy perfect decoration regardless of the season. Although you can buy live flowers, even in winter, you have to admit that their durability is not satisfactory. In addition, nursing often takes up time and money spent on recovering and treating ill flowers.

Artificial flowers will not bloom; however, modern products available today look exactly the same as the natural thing. They have irregularly bent twigs, made to reflect every detail of the leaves and inflorescence. It is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a beautiful decor with minimal effort. It is also a way to use plants in rooms where the conditions are not conducive to cultivation, e.g., in bathrooms, dark kitchens, and living rooms with little sunshine. When choosing artificial plants,  bet on high-quality products so that the visual effect is effective. The only detail that can reveal your little secret is the lack of smell!

Artificial flower compositions – what styles do they fit in?

Considering the number and variety of plant species, it is possible to say that we will match every interior style with a suitable floral decoration. In the rooms maintained in the current of elegant classics, you will find perfectly bouquet of artificial roses. Containers with live green grass or branch constructions look great in a trendy Scandinavian style. Boho and colonial styles love exotic orchids and bonsai trees. Provencal and pork chic is worth reviving with pots full of heather. Even the ascetic industrial style will show its new face in the company of a vase with tulips.


Artificial flower compositions – what room will they work in?

A house full of flowers without having to visit a florist often is a dream you can fulfill with artificial plants. In the living area, abundant compositions in full bloom will turn out to be a charm. In the kitchen, even in a dark place, you can place a shrub or tree with lemons, oranges, or kumquats. Natural plants are not recommended in the bedroom because at night they use oxygen, which is essential for your healthy rest. There is no problem with artificial flowers, and the decor takes on a remarkable finish. The bathroom, which is not a favorable environment for flowers, can become more beautiful due to artificial models. Artificial flowers are resistant to moisture, and they dry quickly, so they do not pose any problems in terms of care.

How to expose the composition of artificial flowers?

You will find many variants of ready-made decorations with artificial flowers on sale. These are immediately suitable for display without any intervention. You can also find the passion of a florist in yourself and try to make a composition yourself. In addition to flowers, remember the accessories. Additives like leaves, twigs, mixed species give amazing visual effects which better reflect the natural beauty of the original.
For compositions with artificial plants choose the right container. In modern arrangements, glass vases, bowls and jars will be perfect, while for rustic ones, wooden boxes, buckets, and ceramic pots will work.


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