Accessories and kitchen utensils to help you cook healthily

accessories and kitchen utensils to help you cook healthily - Accessories and kitchen utensils to help you cook healthily

What we eat has a major impact on our health. More and more people are betting on home-cooked meals. For individual food items to retain their maximum nutritional value, they must be prepared in a specific way that usually takes time. Fortunately, special devices are now available to make this easier.

I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced of the importance of health and healthy eating. Numerous studies have shown that ready-made food offered in shops and restaurants is not the best for our health. It is definitely better to cook for yourself.

However, the mere fact that something has been cooked at home does not automatically make the food healthier. Fried dishes with a high content of sugar or animal fats are just as bad as those served by fast-food chains. It is best to eat steamed, stewed, and cooked products at low temperatures. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. This is actually made easier now that there are hundreds of equipment and devices that can help us cook tasty and healthy food for ourselves and for our families.

Healthy Cooking Helpers

enameled pot
Steam cooking pot
enameled container

Speaking of healthy cooking, it is worth starting with the basic equipment, i.e., pots and pans.

The healthiest dishes are enameled. Enamel is a kind of glass which is used to coat pots made of various metals as well as steel. It does not contain any harmful substances. It also doesn’t accumulate bacteria and does not affect the taste of food cooked in it. That is why they are recommended for allergy sufferers and those who often cook for small children. They are excellent not only for cooking but also for storing food.

It is also worth to buy special pots for steam cooking. Food prepared in this way retain more nutrients, but also more flavor. There are cooking pots for cooktops and electric evaporators available on the market. In both types of pots, there is often two-story structure and usually consist of three components: water utensils, food strainers, and lids. This lets you prepare several different ingredients at the same time.

Another device that helps in healthy cooking is the slow cooker. This is mostly preferred by people who simply do not have time for long stays in the kitchen. It is an electric pot that’s best for single pot soups, stews or bigos. Just throw in all the ingredients, cover it with a sealed lid, and turn the slow cooker on. The dish heats up to a medium temperature, and for the next few hours, e.g., 7-8 cooks the dish. The slow cooker does not require any additional actions from the user. You can prepare your meal in the slow cooker in the morning and enjoy a healthy meal when you get back from work.

Cooking sous vide

insulation balls
Sous vide cooking appliance
vacuum sealer

One of the healthiest methods of cooking is sous vide (in French: “in a vacuum”). It has been known since the 1970s, but only now has it become popular.

The ingredients are placed in tightly closed plastic bags and then placed in a water or steam bath. The temperature must not exceed 85 degrees Celsius so that the individual products retain more nutrients. In this method, food is not only healthier but also more aromatic and has a deeper taste. But these days, in order to eat dishes prepared this way, you would have to go to an expensive restaurant. Now we can cook like this at home, too.

You just need to get yourself a special device for cooking sous vide, which resembles a multi-cooker. This method can also be used for cooking in an ordinary pot; however, a circulator is required. The circulator is responsible for the correct temperature and water circulation in the pot. You will then need special bags made of heat-resistant material. After the ingredients have been placed in the bag, they should be welded. You will need a vacuum sealer for this. The last thing that might come in handy is insulation balls. Instead of a lid, these are used when you cook in a regular pot to prevent heat loss.
There are more appliances that can help you cook healthy meals, but we don’t have to own all of them.  You can simply choose only those that you think is necessary for your everyday use.

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