7 models of minimalist lamps over a coffee table

7 models of minimalist lamps over a coffee table - 7 models of minimalist lamps over a coffee table

A lazy winter afternoon with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is a very tempting proposition for perfect relaxation. Most especially if the coffee corner is arranged in such a way that it invites you to rest, it will be perfect with a comfortable sofa or deep armchair, a small table and of course adequate lighting. To help you enjoy the relaxing moment, we will suggest which lamps to choose for your coffee corner.

A coffee table in every living room

A coffee table that is entirely made of wood or wood with a glass top integrated into the wood is a universal piece of furniture. It perfectly fits into the interior and is traditional and very modern. You just have to choose the right color and shape for your legs. Rectangular tables are more serious. This type of table with rounded tops are better suited for women’s or youth’s interiors. Tables with chrome and silver elements will fit perfectly into lofts, as well as heavy (although still small) furniture made of raw woodblocks. The important things are, the coffee table should be much shorter than the sofa, but slightly larger than the seat of the chair.
The right illumination of the table is also an absolute must. The following are seven of the most fashionable models:

1. A lamp on a solid base

A floor lamp with a long arm finished with a diffuser throwing a directed beam of light is surely a good choice. For example, Soho lamp- on a solid marble base, with a metal arm and a perfectly spherical 16 cm high lamp shade. It is suitable for minimalist and unloaded interiors. It will look great against the background of brick or white interior walls.


2. A glass ball hanging from the ceiling

They are economical in form, minimalist, and still draws attention to the beautiful, noble form of the large lampshades. We’re talking about Muscato lamps. You can choose between a transparent, white, or colored lampshade: red, lilac, pink or even black. Moscato is a family of modern lamps, ideal for lighting a small table.


3. The lamp perfect for discreet conversations

It’s an offer for those who are chasing the trends because currently, there is probably no more fashionable light source other than a bulb placed in chrome or black sphere. The light is directed downward over the table and comes out of the diffuser with a narrow stream. It gives a sense of discretion and intimacy. Recommended are Napo lamps. The lamp can be hung individually (a single sphere has a diameter of 16 cm), or you can opt for a model that collects several lenses in a picturesque bundle.


4. Lamp for modern romantics

Raw steel has a unique charm and therefore became an inspiration to create a unique collection of Lance. The narrow cylinder form of the luminaires gives these products a unique character. Both lamps and sconces are perfect not only for the coffee table but also for the whole apartment. You can compose your own lighting by choosing panels with one or more light cylinders. The shade has a diameter of 6 cm and a length of 30 cm.


5. Lamp in an almost invisible version

The coffee table can be illuminated with a stylish, minimalist plafond. It’s easy to mount it on the ceiling, and you don’t have to worry about weekly vacuuming. We recommend the plafonds Arena that extremely elegant and practical. It is designed with attention to every detail. Among the various colors, sizes, and shapes, everyone will find their own type.


6. A bulb in a basket

It is a Minimalist lamp, suitable for minimalist interiors, with elements of wood and steel. The loftscape is perfect for lampshades in the shape of a wire basket. This lamp is equipped with three light sources.


7. Spider

Model Spider is still great because it is modern, trendy, discreet design and fits both classic and very modern Scandinavian interiors. The lamp can be equipped with both LED and EDISON bulbs. Spider” lamps have different colors of soffit, hooks, and arms with frames.

Adequate lighting of a coffee table is not only a practical matter but also aesthetic. In addition, minimalist lamps please the eye precisely because of their simplicity. Clean molds are timeless, so buying the right lamp is a long-term investment.


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